Survey services

Eestinova OU offers a wide range of survey services to determine the state value of vessels.

The cost of survey services is a tiny amount to compare with the value of the vessel, but allows you to protect your business from the appearance of unreasonable  risks and minimize them.
The Survey Report made by an independent Surveyor is indisputable evidence and has exclusive legal force.
The Survey Report is the main document allowing you to defend in the court fighting a suit.
Furthermore a Survey inspection allows you to obtain professional advice of our specialists about the evidence of possible losses caused by the vessel’s poor technical condition. In contrast with the sellers, charterers, insurance companies, etc., an independent surveyor has no material interest in the results of inspection, and therefore, his conclusion reveals the most objective picture.

Survey inspection is your guarantee of an objective picture of the vessel’s technical status, condition and it’s compliance with all valued requirements and standards.