Organization of vessel repair and supervision on-site

The vessel has to be in a save and working condition at any time and stage of her operation. She subjected to various forces while sailing at sea and reinforced wear of her hull structure, mechanisms and equipment arisen therefore. In connection with this timely and scheduled maintenance is required in order to avoid the consequences.

Our Company’s specialists supervises the management of the vessels in operation and during repair. They conduct necessary documentation, tenders and enter into Contracts with the shipyards, manufacturers and suppliers of the spare parts and equipment bases on their years of experience, wide and long links of contacts and good knowledge of the market.

As per the Company’s procedure, the repair process begins with preparation of the preliminary repair lists. Starting from this phase our Superintendants will try to eliminate risks of volume and period of repair works and will keep a constant financial control of all costs involved.

Maintenance and repair -  rather complex and demanding technical challenge. Sometimes it is even more complicated then shipbuilding, so, it must be performed by professionals.

Our experts have 15 years experience in diverse repair at shipyards Baltic States, Western Europe, Russia and Ukraine. With a high degree of responsibility they are willing to share this experience with our partners and customers.