International Safety Management compliance (ISM Code) and The International Ship and Port Facility Security compliance (ISPS Code)

Our company consciously directs its efforts for establishing effective ship’s safety  management system and operation of vessels. The main purpose of the ISM Code is to ensure an implementation of the safety management system at all levels of the organization, both ship-based and shore-based.
In our opinion, the experience gained in the implementation process  of the ISPS Code (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code) enables us to create effective Ship Security Assessments and Plans.

Using an integrated approach will allow the Customer to meet the necessary standards of international and national legislation with the lowest cost, actually improve the Company’s and Ship’s  Management Systems and as result of thus ensure the security of their funds.

Our highly qualified staff  carries out the development and implementation of Safety Management System for various Companies and Security System for different type of ships.

The primary services offered by our Company includes Consulting and Staff training.

The main goal of our company is an individual approach to each of our clients and providing them with fully integrated services.