The development and implementation of necessary documents regarding safety at work, health and environment

Our Company offers the development and implementation of health and safety at work manual, according to the rules and in compliance with OHSAS 18001, the International Labor Organization (ILO) ILO-OSH 2001, Occupational Health and Safety Act RT I 1999, 60, 616 of Estonian Republic and Guidelines on the Basic Elements of Occupational Health and Safety System. Health and Safety documentation is developed individually for any type of production and according to the functional conditions of the organization and includes five obligatory parts: general requirements, requirements for health and safety before starting the work, requirements for health and safety at work during organizational process, safety rules in case of emergency situation and health and safety requirements after the end of working process.
Our company offers the following services:

  1. Company’s audit in respect of safety, health and environment at work:
  2. Health and safety documentation development;
  3. Assessment of working place;
  4. Organization and maintenance of health and safety at work instructions;
  5. Development of activity plan for implementation of documents and means regarding health and safety at working place;
  6. Development of Company’s politics in terms of health and safety at work;
  7. Implementation of health and safety manual to the organization;
  8. Creation of a list with norms and legal acts, which include requirements for health and safety at work.

As a result of implementation of above mentioned activities in the Company, the work in terms of health and safety will be fixed, which will allow to:

  1. 1. Implement health and safety at work in accordance with legislation;
  2. 2. Provide safety of life and health for the employees;