Software development management for shipping companies and ships

In collaboration with company Marintech ltd. (St Petersburg) we have developed a system for managing small and medium-sized shipping companies.
ERM system – a synthesis of all the most advanced technologies of personnel management aimed at bringing the work of each employee in line with strategic business objectives. This is the latest business strategy using which proposes a comprehensive solution that controls the activity of shipping companies.
We have described and implemented in most business processes in such companies. The system is easily integrated into existing computer network, intuitive and easy to learn. In our experience, the introduction of this system, including training of staff, takes no more than two days.

Purpose of System:
1. monitoring the company's activities in real time;
2. optimization of the relation between human resources and workload of the company;
3. analysis of daily data in real time;
4. operative and long-term planning;
5. continuous archiving of performance;
6. ease of training the newly hired staff and interchangeability.

System efficiency is achieved by:
1. ease of use;
2. automatic notification of users about the necessity of execution of tasks;
3. automatic notification to managers that the user is not completed his task in time;
4. maintenance of co-ordination between all departments of the company;
5. availability of system resources at any time and place for key Managers of the Company.

Implementing ERM system based on the use of a separate WEB server, which installed in the company's local network. Users are given authorized access to the system through Internet (installation of additional software is not required).
This software is offered in standard, as well as in extended version with the ability to refine a single customer's requirements, including integration of the necessary databases.

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